The Issue With Enterprise Training

For decades we’ve worked with large enterprises on their transformation initiatives. Training has proven foundational to each of them. It’s unrealistic to ask people to work in a radically new way without clearly explaining how work will get done. However, with large enterprises we consistently run into the same 3 issues.

Issue 1: Scalability

Seldom are there enough trainers or classes to keep pace with demand. Put simply, instructor-led training doesn’t scale.

Issue 2. Flexibility

Instructor-led training forces workers to either neglect role responsibilities or opt out of training. Neither option serves the enterprise well.

Issue 3. Efficacy

The time between learning a new concept and its application is critical. With traditional training, this lag time can amount to weeks or months.

We Have a Better Approach

  • Training That Scales

    Do you have an agile initiative underway? In an instant our courses can be rolled out to your entire workforce.

  • Learn in the Flow of Work

    Dramatically amplify learning effectiveness by giving your teams instant access to content that meets their current need.

  • Stretch Your Training Budget

    With our enterprise plan your entire workforce has access 24x7 at an unbeatable price.

  • Workforce Flexibility

    Our short lessons are designed to be consumed whenever and wherever there's time. Earn your ICAgile Certified Professional in half the time.

  • Fun & Engaging

    We’ve had enough boring, corporate training. So we thought we’d try something different. Our content is fun, engaging and relevant.

  • Invest in Your People

    Unlike other on-demand solutions, KaiRise offers an industry recognized certification.

Volume Pricing Options

Access / Cert. Credits 1
Price per Seat $499
Platform Access 1 year, 24x7
Digital Workbook
Any Device Learning
Bite-size Lessons
Learner Management -
Private Instance -
Course Customization -
SSO Integration -
8 16 24
$450 $425 $396
1 year, 24x7 1 year, 24x7 1 year, 24x7
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
Ent. Upgrade Pack
50 10
$360 $200
1 year, 24x7 1 year, 24x7

: Optional add-on



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